Gustavo FerminPhoto © Judith Benyayer

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My way of working begins from the self-generating logic that everything, both formally and conceptually is composed of many different layers, some revealed and some concealed. The labor intensive process that I have developed starts by painting with acrylic different layers (at least 10) of a material similar to paper named Tyvek, that I glue together and then proceed to carve in order to make my images, revealing the many different layers hidden underneath. It is a hybrid between drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. My work spans different media but the all encompassing link between them is drawing, as a way not to describe but to understand. I have found that this way of working engages the viewer actively and ignites an enhanced awareness on his part. Some of the underlying themes and narratives that I deal with in my work are: adversity, entropy, humor, hidden dangers in the ordinary, domestic revelations and sensual secrets.